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          ADD:No.80 Bada road, Lin Yang industrial Zone,Nanbin Street,Ruian City, Zhejiang province.

        Automatic paper lunch box machineLocation: Home > Automatic paper lunch box machine
        Product model:  CHJ-E
        Product name:  Full automatic paper lunch box making machine


        CHJ-E  Full automatic paper lunch box making machine

        1.mechanical transmission, energy-saving, stable and simple operation, microcomputer detection and domestic advanced technology products.


        2.The device is automatic paper molding equipment, has the advantages of high speed, convenient operation etc.. This machine adopts built-in hot air generator, suitable for single PE coated paper.  


        3.through the automatic feed paper, Corner heating (comes with hot air generating device), Fold the cover (by mechanical device),hot press molding (adhesive box four corners), automatic points collected, microcomputer control of continuous processes. For the production of single-cell disposable paper boxes, paper lunch boxes, food packaging boxes.


        4.The fastest working speed is 30 times per minute. Domestic leading speed level,It has the  monitor  computer system .If the fault the machine will stop and alarming  


         Technical Specification:



         Production capacity

        25-30 pieces/min

         Maximum size:

        350 x390 mm

         Max Paper Convey Width:


         Suitable Material:

        100-400g/m2 (PE Coated paper)

         Total Power:


         Total Weight:


         Overall Dimension:

        2280(L) x 1500 (W)x 1500(H) mm

         Working Air Source:

        Air pressure 0.4-0.5Mpa (Need to buy compressor)

        Working gas consumption