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          ADD:No.80 Bada road, Lin Yang industrial Zone,Nanbin Street,Ruian City, Zhejiang province.

        Automatic paper tray ?machineLocation: Home > Automatic paper tray ?machine
        Product model:  ZPJ-600
        Product name:  Automatic medium speed paper tray machine

        Automatic medium speed paper disc machine

        Performance introduction:

        1、ZPJ-600 The medium speed automatic paper tray machine is designed independently according to the market needs. It has the functions of automatic pneumatic paper feeding, heating and forming, automatic saucer, constant temperature control and automatic counting. It is an ideal equipment for producing all kinds of round paper plates, square paper plates and special paper tray (plates).

        2、ZPJ-600  Compared with the traditional automatic paper tray machine, the paper and disc machine recombines the principle of combination of pneumatic and mechanical, which has the advantages of higher production speed, more stable performance, safer operation, more convenient maintenance and more humanized structure design。

        3、ZPJ-600 The fully automatic medium speed paper disc machine adopts a high efficiency pressurized cylinder, the maximum pressure can reach 5T, and it has the advantages of faster and more environmental protection than the hydraulic cylinder。

        4、ZPJ-600  Medium speed automatic disc saucers are widely used to produce discs or discs made of paper or aluminum foil. By changing moulds, we can produce circular, square, shaped paper plates and other disposable paper products of different specifications and shapes。

        Technical Specification:



        Cup size:

        5-10INCH(different size mold exchanged)

        Suitable paper material:

        100-500 g/m3base paper,white cardboard paper,aluminum foil laminating paper or other type



        80-100 pieces/min  two station

         Power source::

        380V /50HZplease inform us your power in advanced

        Total power:




        Package size:


        Working Air Source:

        Air pressure 0.6Mpa (Need to buy compressor)

        working volume

        0.4-0.5 m3/min

         Sample display: