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          ADD:No.80 Bada road, Lin Yang industrial Zone,Nanbin Street,Ruian City, Zhejiang province.

        Automatic paper lunch box machineLocation: Home > Automatic paper lunch box machine
        Product model:  CHJ-A
        Product name:  Fully automatic intelligent paper lunch box forming machine

        CHJ-A   Fully automatic intelligent paper lunch box forming machine

        Performance introduction:

        1.automatic paper box forming equipment, new technology introduced from abroad, according to the self innovation and improvement. The formation of fast, easy to operate and so on. This machine adopts intelligent computer control heating device, suitable for single PE and double PE coated paper coated paper. 


        2.automatic paper lunch box forming machine through the automatic feed paper, heating and hot pressing molding (bonding boxes cover half rounded, and four right angles, four corner), and automatic collection of the continuous process for the production of single-cell disposable paper boxes, paper boxes. 

        Technical Specification:



        速度Production capacity


        最大尺寸Maximum size:

        250 x300mm

        最大送紙寬度Max Paper Convey Width:


        適用材料Suitable Material:

        200-400g/m2 PE淋膜紙等(PE Coated paper)

        總功率Total Power:


        重量Total Weight:


        包裝尺寸Overall Dimension:

        2320(L) x 1430 (W)x 1500(H) mm

        工作壓力Working Air Source:

        Air pressure 0.4-0.5Mpa (Need to buy compressor)


          Sample display: