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          ADD:No.80 Bada road, Lin Yang industrial Zone,Nanbin Street,Ruian City, Zhejiang province.

        Automatic carton making machineLocation: Home > Automatic carton making machine
        Product model:  RHZH-B
        Product name:  Fully automatic intelligent heat sealing paper box molding machine

        Fully automatic intelligent heat sealing paper box molding machine

        1.Belongs to automatic paper products molding equipment, production molding using aluminum alloy mold, while maintaining the accuracy of the mold, while light and durable, product bonding effect is good, adhesive seamless, beautiful and practical box type, is the ideal equipment for the production of folding cartons.

        2. The equipment is controlled by a microcomputer program,and the machine controls the parameters from paper feeding,heating, hot press forming and collecting. The equipment is easy to operate, saves labor costs, and one person can operate multiple devices. It is a highly efficient and practical machine intelligent product.





        20-30 pieces/min

        Maximun paper size


        Max paper convey width


        Suitable material

        200-400 g/m2 PE Coated paper

        Total power

        3 kw

        Total weight

        1 T

        Overall dimension


        working air source

        Air pressure 0.5 Mpa Need to buy air compressor


        Sample display: