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          ADD:No.80 Bada road, Lin Yang industrial Zone,Nanbin Street,Ruian City, Zhejiang province.

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        Tianbang machinery sincerely invites exhibitors to guangzhou fair pazhou

        Hits: 1599    Time: 2019-7-22 15:56:12
        Dear customer, Thank you and your company for our long-term support and love, we will continue to provide new and old customers with quality products and excellent service! Guangzhou fair guangzhou pazhou convention and exhibition center, our company will show you fbj-b automatic intelligent carton forming machine fbj-c automatic intelligent carton forming machine L rhzh-b automatic intelligent hot-sealing carton forming machine and other tianbang machinery sincerely invite you to visit the site, for this, we are very grateful! Booth no. : hall1-1f09, zone A tel :15372875188