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        CHJ-E Full automatic paper lunch box making machine

        Mechanical transmission, energy-saving, stable and simple operation, microcomputer detection and domestic advanced technology products..

        TIAN BANG Machine


        Juankou Cup machine, curling cup machine, baking cup machine, cake cup machine, dessert cup machine ,
        Muffin Cup Machine, Flame Cup Machine, Square Cup Machine, Rectangular Cup Machine, Hex Cup Machine, Fast Food Box Machine,
        Paper Lunch Box Machine, Meal Box Machine, Packing Box Machine, Dessert Box Machine, Cake Paper Holder, etc. Paper container machinery

        • TIANBANG


          Fully automatic intelligent heat sealing paper box molding machine

        • TIANBANG


          Fully automatic intelligent cake paper cup molding machine

        • TIANBANG


          Fully automatic intelligent paper box molding machine

        • TIANBANG


          Fully automatic intelligent paper box molding machine

        • TIANBANG

          multi-divsions box forming machine

          CHJ-G-Automatic intelligengt multi-divsions box forming machine

        • TIANBANG


          FBJ-D automatic intelligent paper-box forming machine

        TIAN BANG


        Our company, after many exchanges, has actively kept pace with society, keeps pace with the times, has its own unique technical team, and has rich practical experience.

        Tian bang


        • Tianbang machinery sincerely invites exhibitors to guangzhou fair ...

          Dear customer, Thank you and your company for our long-term support and love, we will continue to provide new and old customers with quality products and excellent service! Guangzhou fair guangzhou pazhou convention and exhibition center, our company will show you fbj-b automatic intelligent carton ……

        • The 4th China (Guangdong) International Technology Printing Exhib ...


        • 2018 Beijing International Baking Exhibition ...

          展會介紹: CBBE - 中國國際烘焙展創辦于2003年。近15年來,它已經成功舉辦了14屆,成為全球烘焙業知名的國際盛會之一。2017年的展會接待了來自全球的603家展商,其中21%來自中國以外地區;82690名觀眾中60%為采購商或決策者,觀眾總數比2016年增長了7.2%,來自63個國家,CBBE主要展示烘焙甜品工匠制作的工藝、技術及烘焙食品等,得益于展會所代表的行業的多樣性和互補性。2018第15屆CBBE展將于2018年4月19-21日在北京國展中心隆重召開,充分利用北京作為國際交流中心的地位,緊密圍繞市場,為烘焙開發、生產、貿易和應用等方面的技術和信息交流提供了一個絕佳的場所和機遇……